128th edition of Česká spořitelna Běchovice – Praha 10 km road race will take place on 29/09/2024

Race Info

Basic information

Edition: 128th (1st race was held on 27th May 1897)
Date: 29th September 2024 (Sunday)
General partner: Česká spořitelna
Awarded by Czech Athletic Federation: Official Czech Road Championships
Categories: Men, Women, Championships: Men, Women, Junior Men and Women
Capacity: 3 333 participants

Contact: info@bechovice-praha.cz

Start of the race

13th kilometer of Českobrodská st. (Praha-Běchovice), MAP

Finish of the race

Crossroads of Hartigova st. and Za Žižkovskou vozovnou st. – MAP

Time program:

11:10 Czech Road Championships (Women, Men, Juniors)

11:20 Masters (Women 60+ and Men 70+)

11:30 1st wave of the public race

11:40 2nd wave of the public race

11:50 3rd wave of the public race

Runner chooses the starting wave during the registration process. Runner must start from the chosen starting wave (as it is marked on the racers BIB)

13:00 Victory ceremony for Czech Road Championships

14:00 Victory ceremony for the public race in categories:


19 – 34 years (2005–1990)

35 - 39 years (1989–1985)

40 - 44 years (1984–1980)

45 - 49 years (1979–1975)

50 - 54 years (1974–1970)

55 - 59 years (1969–1965)

60- 64 years (1964–1960)

65 - 69 years (1959–1955)

70 - 74 years (1954–1950)

75 - 79 years (1949–1945)

80 - 84 years (1944–1940)

85 years and older (1939 and older)


19 - 34 years (2005–1990)

35 - 39 years (1989–1985)

40 - 44 years (1984–1980)

45 - 49 years (1979–1975)

50 - 54 years (1974–1970)

55 - 59 years (1969–1965)

60 - 64 years (1964–1960)

65 – 69 years (1959–1955)

70 years and older (1954 and older)

We DO NOT recommend start for the participants younger than 18 years.

Team competition

Any runner can join the team competition. Every team has to consist of 4 runners at least. Three best teams will be awarded at the victory ceremony. The final result of the team is calculated as a sum of times of four fastest runners.

Registration for the race

Only online registration is possible until 27th September 2024. Registration is finished when the payment is credited to the organizer bank account (maximum 7 days after registration). The registration fee is non-refundable.

Since 27th September 2024 only registration on the spot at the race day is possible.

Transfer of the registration to another runner is possible for 100,- CZK (appx 4 EUR) fee until 15th September 2024 or for 200,- CZK (appx 8 EUR) on the race day.

If the race does not take place in 2024, the entry fee will be transferred to the next edition of the race.

Pick up your starting number

To be updated.

Registration fee (T-Shirt JOMA and finishers medal included)

749,- CZK until 24th December 2023 (online payment only) - until 31st October the headdress as a bonus

799,- CZK for the first 1 250 registrations (online payment only)

899,- CZK for the 1 251st to 2 500th registrations (online payment only)

999,- CZK for the 2 501st to 3 333rd registrations (online payment only)

1 299,- CZK (appx 56 EUR) with registration on the race day (cash payment in CZK only)

Free registration: Men over 70 and Women over 60 years old

Runner pack

The runner pack includes starting number with chip attached to the back of the BIB, T-Shirt JOMA and gifts from the partners of the race. The starting number must be placed in a visible place on the chest. The chip is disposable and not returnable after the race. Medals for all handed in the finish area.

How to get to the start

The place of the start is easily accessible by public transport. We recommend to use train to the „Praha – Běchovice střed“ station and then reach the start by walk (3 minutes).

Buses of the public transport operates according to the timetable until 10 AM.

Use this WEBSITE or download the mobile app LÍTAČKA to plan your trip.

We do NOT recommend to use cars to get to the start (parking is very limited).

Bag deposit

Bag deposit and its transport to the finish is secured by the organizer. Bag deposit in the start area will be closed

10 minutes before the start of each starting wave.

Only closed bags with maximal dimensions of 60x50x30 cm will be accepted.

Refreshment points

There will be refreshment point at the 5th kilometer and in the finish area.


Pacemakers are in each start wave (11:30 / 11:40 / 11:50) for target times 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 minutes

Time limits

There are time limits set due to the road closures. Organizer guarantee the race without car traffic in the followint time limits in each kilometer of the race:

1. km - 12:00
2. km - 12:08
3. km - 12:20
4. km - 12:28
5. km - 12:36
6. km - 12:44
7. km - 12:52
8. km - 13:00
9. km - 13:08
10. km - 13:20

In case of exceeding of the limit the runner continues ouf of oficial race at his/her own risk.

Technical area

Changing rooms and toilets are in the start area.

Changing room, toilets, showers and swimming pool are in the finish area (Pražačka school)

ResultsResults will be published after the race on this WEBSITE.

Partners of the meeting

General Partner of the
Czech Athletic Federation

Official Partners of the
Czech Athletic Federation

Official Suppliers of the
Czech Athletic Federation

With the
support of

Local partners



Sdružení závodů Běchovice (Czech Athletic Federation, PSK Olymp, Sokol Běchovice)

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  2. Praha 7, 170 00
  3. info@bechovice-praha.cz
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